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Dec 2, 2013 12:00pm PST
of the your study tells the story of a professional environment in the united states where huge, huge portions of our working public are in a one gender office. >> yes, office might not be the words for it -- >> workplace, construction and plumbing and all of that. it is the case that our worlds at home are much more integrated than our worlds at work. this is more strongly for the less educated workforce. those blue color jobs have been much slower to integrate, both male dominated like construction and female like nursing assistants, still about 3/4 female. this wouldn't be so bad if people were just freely choosing any job they wanted and had different preferences but the fact also is the female dominated occupations pay less, even when we can make comparisons that are really as a.m. apples as apples as we can get. we find the male dominated jobs are paying more. >> you really can't have that conversation without acknowledging what you just did. the stereo types that still exist with a number of jobs, jobs that women just don't want to do and jobs that men don't want to do. i
Dec 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
environment that's conducive to people getting healthier? i think that's for too long in the u.s. health care system, all we do is pay for medical services and that's not enough to get people healthy. >> we have to figure out a better partnership. matt salo, thanks for being here. >> is it discrimination if you really, truly have the best intentions? the last minute twist in a case testing a bedrock of civil rights in america. we'll tell you about that next. ♪ i've got you under my skin if you're seeing spots before your eyes... it's time... for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® has an active naturals total soy formula that instantly brightens skin. and helps reduce the look of brown spots in just 4 weeks. for healthy radiant skin. try it for a month. then go ahead and try to spot a spot. aveeno® positively radiant. naturally beautiful results. [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle soup with farm grown veggies. just like yours. huh. [ male announcer ] and roasted white meat chicken. just like yours. [ male announcer ] you'll thi
Dec 9, 2013 12:00pm PST
compensation, minimum wage, a living wage that makes sense in today's environment. but let's also as i tried to do as governor, couple it with pro growth measures to allow the country to do what it wants to do. this economy wants to take off and things want to grow. we want to rebuild our manufacturing base. to my mind it's not just the minimum wage, that's part of it. we can't for get those who have been left behind. we have this very dangerous thing called structural unemployment in this country. i don't think we've seen this since the great depression. it's the mcdonald's versus apples. companies require fewer people and investors are doing better and private equity firms are doing better but leaving in its wake people who aren't trained for the economy and have nowhere to go. that's the reality of where we are and the economy will proceed more in this direction as opposed to the mcdonald's side. >> that's what's scary in the jobs we have now, our largely service jobs and largely low wage majority of the groupz created out of the recession are low wage service jobs. does that respon
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3